Wednesday, April 18, 2007


what the fuck makes a person storm in while your crying, throw their arms in the air and ask with such blatant ignorance, what? why are you crying, huh? and at the confusion of the person [me] who can only get out, i dont know.. i wanted to, whats wrong with you? the ignorant person proceeds to storm out in some ball of dramatic nothing. fucking nice. kudos to you. im better now. cleaned up a bit and here on this shitty blog among the noises of 3 am. thank you sir, for your "compassion" which i know you can have sometimes but something you may also need to work on for future successful use. im so fucking angry right now. i cant believe you had the nerve to be so fucking mean. but then again thats what keeps you in your character. thats part of the bi Y-O-U. hooray. keeping up appearances is better than fucking listening after all eh? better than telling me ok every now and again and not telling me the horrors and dont even try its of the world. fuck that. im done cheering your ass up. you take it from here. leave me to my stress, like you have thus far, and ill leave you to yours. cheers.

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