Tuesday, May 15, 2007

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the stupid bastards gonna have his way with you.

-i wish i could play the piano. just to have something to do with my fingers that doesnt involve cigarettes or sharp things. just to have somehwere to put my voice with its strange tones and off key candor.
-i wish i could sit and paint without getting bored 2 minutes in.
-i wish i could talk art history with my friends. too bad most of them are more comics and military than anything. you guys suck! lame! haha.
-i wish i could make our dog happy. he just looks so damn sad at times. i also wish i could talk dog. [maybe HE knows something about art history]
-i wish that i was more of a girl. and that i didnt look so damn weird in a skirt.
-i wish my dad would come through when he says he would. but then maybe all the joy/suprise of the times he does would be gone. bah.
-i wish i had gone through with my burlesque dancing dream.
-sushi sushi sushi sushi

i had a dream last night that i had found my id and me and my friends went to a bunch of bars. it was fucking beautiful. i want my fucking id damn it. stupid government. they should tattoo our birthdays into our arms when we're born. this would probably not fly to well with the ol' holocaust vixtims tho. eer. awkward topic. lets move on.
some points from my dream.

-kissing him
-driving that car, with all the turns and the screaming distracting me from what was happening in the backseat.
-the color of my sweater.
-my hair getting caught in her fingers, as she punched me in the face.

fun fun.

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