Thursday, May 24, 2007

it's hard to blog in the dark

tonight was
? huckabees. "you just cant understand my infinite nature" "yes i can! wait, what does that even mean?!"
-starbucks [yea we caved] i tried the black tea tonight. mmm. my new favorite.
-todd and brenda and the "funny seeing you here"s
-mi tierra and the fucking best damn menudo ive had in YEARS [+limon, +onion, +salt]. being there with all of the people i love the most. and yes that means you too abe. heh. the sparkling ceiling gave me the shiny leftovers you get when you closed your eyes and the colorful papier mache was comforting. i got the weird subconcious mexican twinge. i dont get that often. im usually quite white.
-another 4:30 am. mmm.
-abe farted just now.
-soy chicana la raza!
-i mean. um. never mind. [see above white statement]
-i am obsessed with death cab. obsessed. OBSESSED.

good night.

adv cxl/inc dep/age req 21+
5/24 free free great fucking time

[thats a lame work inside thing, dont bother]

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