Sunday, May 27, 2007


hair dye. mmm, acrid.

my puppy makes me happy beyond happy. she the greatest thing. my little bear. she is going to be a beast though. grrr.

im having trouble figuring out the mindset of a few choice people in my life right now. its rather bothersome.

tonight was a goddamed good fucking night. we hit bucks [yes, star] after work and the rain came with us. we jumped into old books, now banned, the san antonio legends and mexican folklore. *shudder* giant owls..... the rain fell softly at first, listening in on our conversation quietly until it decided we werent paying enough attention. when the drops came bigger and we started laughing it swelled and the puddle fights began. floating cigarette butts in the gutter and us soaked through. wet hair stringy and shoes squishing we were off. ihop, familiar and unabashedly straight waiters, laughing at the asians, and another water related incident involving abe was not the typical night for us. but we took it. even the red neck asshole soldier couldnt stop the greatness. i mean it us. heh.

when we came home we were greeted with something i wont blog about, but wasnt happy with. ahem.

im tired and the hair dye has to come out now. im tired and for the first time i dont feel the right hand itchy thing. you know what im talking about. if you dont fuck off.

mmmmmmmm, inside jokes.

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