Monday, August 20, 2007

ahem [in addition]

so i thought i could sit here and sift and sift through the lovable filth that is the interweb and be ok with doing so but apparently im not. you see im having some slight security issues and i think my brain is terrible mad at me for being such a little wuss about certain recent sitch-ee-a-shons. maybe i need a book right now, something dark and curvy with sex and maybe some gore and perhaps an affable sidekick. gimme gimme gimme. then again this could just all be due to all the coffee ive insisted on drinking today. bah. i was just sitting here feeling a little shitty until i thought of that guy with the sign. the one that yelled at us.... "think of jesus while your getting wasted, fornicators go to hell, sinners have to fight". we walked away laughing didnt we? we walked away screaming our outrage. then that rush took me. then that swell of something red and strong seized my chest, something telling me that there is significance and its all in the little scores of happenings. the jesus freak one second. the mexican with the bagpipes the next. here we are simply walking and talking, making fun of the strange and fluffing in the humid air and we dont even half realize what it all means. tejano and the sun setting. the tired way our legs dragged. i just had to think of saturday. and ive found my comfort. even that sliver we understand, it means the world doesnt it? at least to me. heh.

i love it when that happens. realizations. hrm.

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