Sunday, September 16, 2007


im so fucking mad.
its hard to describe just how much.
it seems friendship is borderline with some people.
i sit here and think about all the people i know. about all the faces ive seen. all the words ive heard. all the touches ive felt.
and somehow it feels like nothing.
its happening all over again.
the transition.
the changes.
the music blares and people are laughing. im starting to loosen up and hear the music. im here finally and seeing the dances differ all around.
but now im home.
all of a sudden im in a way that makes me want to just fucking beat the shit out of something.
i know too many douche bags.
i know too many people that walk by. ignoring.
too many people that keep drinking and drinking and drinking.
you just dont hear the words.
you just dont fucking care.
your words not mine.
and heres me.
with bruises on my chest and pain in my fucking heart.
but no worries.
you just fucking do what you want.
go on. take the shots and dance too close to people. fall and stumble and writhe and act surprised when the shit goes down in your fucking face.
im not going to stand for you anymore.


how fucking DARE you?

that is all.

im too tired and i have to work.

fuck this.


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