Tuesday, September 11, 2007


just now i had a little snip of a dream.
i had drawn a comic in it and when i went to show abe it sort of came to life.
my style was similar to the dicks in superbad. [funny]
it was like watching a demented cartoon.
red beings were walking and whispering, they looked like praying manti with human muscles and sinew but no skin, then there was the room with a sqaure hole in the center filled with black liquid with the snake like things rising out of it. they had bird skulls for heads and penis shafts for necks and nothing else. they said 'this comes from mother'. this comes from mother. over and over again.
finally i come to the end of the rooms, a wooden place with creaky floors and a weird smell.
[keep in mind, this is all animated]
i see this weird little blob of a thing its shaped like a pear. then i see another thing come over and suction itself to that thing. it was disgusting, they just kind of melted together.

well thats it. i cant seem to catch hole of the rest.

its all just fading.


i have to go to work.

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