Thursday, September 20, 2007


good news.

[this blog will be boring for those of you who come here for the blatant weirdness. tis just my life today....]
me and tom took the day off today to go check out the apts on our list. our first hit happened to be our last due to some nice findings.
the complex was called crystal springs but they changed their names recently. they have ponds, a huge pool, fitness center, so on and so forth and they also have one thing we like. a need for tenants. sweet. so we get their and she says ok its 99 total move in. that covers the app fee and the first month. i ask wont we need extra for each app? she says nope its all covered. yessss. so we walk through. the apts are nice, clean and [eep] mostly white with creepy porn mirrors in the living room. but other than that the rooms were cozy and the master closet was fucking huge. with wall cabinets and everything. i loved it. we have to go tomorrow to drop off the money and our apps, then its just waiting time. im nervous and excited. i hope we get this place. its a shame we lost the last apt but you know 900 dollars down compares in NO FUCKING WAY to 99 bucks.
in other news i go back to toys r us this tues for my interview. i talked to the lady for like thirty minutes today and its sounding good. FUCK i would love my old job back. i miss the toys and even the screaming kids. i miss the nationals and the party room.
sigh heres hoping.
if that doesnt work out, sonia and dwayne told us that nationwide is hiring CSRs right now. we applied last night and the cell phone is waiting. 12 bucks and hour to start. goddamn. i would take any type of call for that much.
again. heres hoping.
other than that im just fucking bushed. i have to go pick up my car tonight from dad and see if theres anyway i can bum around there till the apt is ready.
heres to optimism.
a pleasant taste compared.

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