Tuesday, June 24, 2008

but she didnt order anything

it came in the mail. on a thursday.
she stood in the doorway just looking at the mailman as he held it out to her.
when she took it he laughed and fled.
the box shifted.
she sat at her table and picked at the vinyl tablecloth.
the fruits on it seemed to say, "well?"
one string, two strings, they wrapped around her fingers as she pullllllled.
the box shifted.
plain brown cardboard and a simple white sticker.
she leaned in, she could almost make it out....

hmmm. i wonder what it said.
today im going to clean my apt and the chinchilla cage and wonder why i dont have any pop over friends.
something about this head ache and the stuffy heat in here. why doesnt it just rain.
i had a dream last night. i was planning my friends wedding and it was happening at a huge amusement park in the mountains. he told me what he wanted and who he wanted to be there and i took care of everything. at the same time i was the only security for the park itself. i was chasing bad guys and puching them over cliffs and running down huge stone bridges. afterwards i would go back to wedding planning. later in a huge room i was trying to find the maid of honor while teaching everyone to dance. i woke up exhausted and wondering where i would get white doves at this hour.
[for fun i got this dream analyzed on line. apparently someone has taken advantage of me and im trying to fix it while trying to find love and somehow restore the joy and such in my life. huh.]
ive been reading my textbooks like crazy. i feel like i dont even need to take the classes im signed up for in the fall. ugh. why cant i just wait for things?
seriously. i need to win the lottery.
i finally talked to my parents. they havent gotten swept away by an angry philippino sea after all.
i miss california. i wish i could visit.
after considerable thought, yes, i am hungry.
i think ill have a smoke.
maybe enjoy the rest of the day.
well see.


The County said...

holy shit, the 'next button' got me paydirt!


.när'sĭ-sĭz'əm. said...

that shit is too good.

i had almost lost hope.

The Crash of '85 said...

where'd you get it analyzed? and whos wedding? mine? i will totally make you security for my wedding hahah