Sunday, June 15, 2008


[i blog alot]
[fair warning]

i havent done ANYTHING today.
ive been here. getting a computer tan and drinking wine out of a pretty glass my mother was hiding behind the cheap china.
[lucky for me im a professional snoop]
[on that note ive also found 20$, a picture of me on a huge turtle, and a bunch of weird little metal things that are strewn about the house.]

ive also been doing some lurking here on the internet with my hopes way too high to be reasonable. and true to the unlucky online streak ive been having i found nothing. i must have looked through hundreds of blogs, trying to find someone to read. it sounds funny, but it is what it is. im tired of talking. lets get down to the gritty stinking mess that typing and blogging.
but wait.
i crashed and burned....who are these people and how can i kill them?
i dont want to hear about your hair tragedy, or your special night club, or your penis problems.


im kind of drunk now.
and theres a zombie movie on.
im gonna lie on the couch and wonder what the fuck happened to the world.
ill be bored.
i might fall asleep.
but the whole house is mine right now and it feels good and a little creepy.

[sure im a little depressed that i can only be impressed with a grand total of 3 blogs online. that sure is fucking LAME.]

but hey fuck it
ive got half a bottle of red left
a pair of tired eyes that need gore and the undead
unsteady hands
and a wild imagination to scare me in the dark later.

im preeettty sure im set for the night.

goodnight internet.

you are fucking stupid right now.


Jon Bravo said...

YES!!!!!! this is the "I have Dalinian Thought" I miss so much!!!! Perfect. And by the way, I too, haven't found shit in the the way of worthy anything. I love this one.

.när'sĭ-sĭz'əm. said...

i try.
thanks, bravo.