Monday, June 30, 2008

the sounds, sweating, the stinging, and other s words.

[all pictures have been moved]

hello monday afternoon. aren't you pretty. blazing texas sun and squirrels dancing around beams of light to avoid catching on fire. i'm pretty sure i could bitch about the heat everyday. and im almost positive i will. i hate my dad right now for buying this leather chair knowing his air conditioner is SHIT. thanks dad.

hello monday evening. your no better, wipe that smug look off your face.

ok so it took me like an hour to draw that shitty picture. [ of me and the hot dog] embarrassed.

i also did matt and jon.
[but im proud of those... i think i really got them]

people have such interesting faces. i love the looks and the lines and the eyelashes. they give out such power. i love the way matthew always looks so pissed+ complacent+sad. and jon has the sharp edges on his face of a man with a heavy mind and the eyes that always seem to say, you know your pretty fucking stupid.

theyre just plain fun to draw. even in the dirty wavering hand of mind.

even with this mind wrecking headache.

i sent the dolls another one of toms pictures. i hope they respond. they set up a page of art that they couldnt identify. i didnt see his. its a little disappointing to see the other artists and know that tom is so much better.
he needs the boost. needs to hear how amazing he is when he just draws. but he hasnt drawn anything in months. its really quite sad.

ah well.

its too hot to go on.

im gonna go sweat now.



The County said...

you got the upper corner of the lip perfected. looks nice, and by the way, bumming a smoke from a hot dog was perfect. couldn't stop laughing. you should have a comic blog of you arguing with him or him being a condescending piece of shit....that would be priceless.

just sayin'

Alejandro Baez said...

I was thinking the same thing it would be cool to see those characters, being mr weenie and the girl on a comic strip.

.när'sĭ-sĭz'əm. said...

you know thats a damn good idea.


The Crash of '85 said...

i like mine better here. and hotdogzes are always great.