Sunday, December 14, 2008

falling off swings

used to make me laugh so hard.

im sick. this is it. the head cold of 2008.


i should be drinking water and sleeping.

i got the duplex. and will be moving soon.
im too excited to remember i cant really breathe.
i threw away a whole pack of cigarettes tonight.
maybe im a little proud.
tomorrow i get to see one of my favorite boys.
some kind of office party thing.
i cant stop sneezing.
i have spent the last three nights away.
ive been in clouds.
we went to the club from ages ago.
its not the same place i remember.
but we sang and stood and smiled.
ok, im sniffling.
calm tea and lemon or honey.
give me comfort.
what a nice week.
my heart is feeling out others again.
this is the up.
[the down will hurt, but i hardly care]

come on nyQuil.
work that old familiar magic.
and let me sleep.


Anonymous said...

nice poem, ms. smoker. and i thought i was the only one who didn't (wouldn't/couldn't) sleep. when they leave the pills, please don't take them. have you published? you should try, but don't take my advice.

(published anonymously because I CAN'T REMEMBER MY PASSWORD!!

s.k.namanny said...

What would happen to us if we had to take Nyquil more than once a year? I get equilibrium malfunction on the blessed remedy. It never helped in the poetry department, as far as I could tell. But that was an illness that maybe one shouldn't cure.
The Chinese have a rule of health that stipulates "On one day of the week, niether read nor write poetry." It seemed the logical conclusion was to stop altogether.
Glad you didn't.