Sunday, March 1, 2009

maybe im all messed up

but then again this is the only time....

never mind.

instances change emotion.

and im all about it.

all over it.

time for the new parts.

today my dog dug into my neighbors yard and tried to woo her tinier more angry dog.
i had to carry his heavy ass back home.

this day was cursed from the start you could say.

im already over it.

current favorite song: my girls by animal collective.

the other night me and some great boys walked through hemisfair.
we walked by the fountains and looked at the art. dizzy headed i agreed to move to chicago.

its about that time any way.

time to leave.

i dont think ill look back.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you gotta love animal collective (bastard children of pet sounds era brian wilson to be sure).fukking system won't let me use radioisfree - seems i don't know my own password anymore. whatever. am i angry no am i tired yes. sign me - radioisfree anyway. all the best to you. (stop being a doormat - the treads don't fit your style - YOU dig your heels into someone less fortunate - now THERE'S an idea worthy of living up to!!! go forth, child and perhaps sin no more (but no less either).