Saturday, July 18, 2009

i get

so jealous.

its like girls today are these tiny things, these beautiful things. they surpass everything that i am.

it hurts

just a little.

when i hear the boys i know talking about them. how wonderful and hot they are. i feel terrible.

im this curved not quite perfect thing.

im flawed?

i dont know anymore.



Anonymous said...

blah. theyre just regurgitating what society has spoon-fed them about what they should find attractive. they are not better than you just because they look like sticks.

and you ARE perfect. or at least someone thinks so ;)

s.k.namanny said...

Dang, you really got me thinking with this one.

It would be wrong to ignore or discount a societal standard of beauty. Attraction to a healthy, athletic, toned, and yes, very possibly AIRBRUSHED body is neither societally programmed nor evil.
But it would be more wrong to ignore or discount your own personal inner beauty.

A man, if he is a man, recognizes that a sharply cut six pack is better, and more beautiful, and more sexually appealing than his flabby muffin top. But he can do so even as he recognizes that he might have something else to offer.

To be a person, I have to be secure enough to admit that other people are simply more physically attractive than I am or I'll go insane. I also can't jump as high as an NBA all star, or mesmerize an audience like Johnny Depp. That's just it. I'm short. In matters of height, tall people are better. Of course they are. But only if I wrap my identity around that one tiny facet of life's diamond am I truly am inferior.

So society has set up a standard of beauty that many cannot attain. AND? Why is it that men embrace the superior physical models of their sex (athletes, actors, etc.) whilst women excoriate and despise theirs? (models, actresses, etc.)

So what if supermodels catch my eye? It is absolutely NOT because they look like a sticks. (A VERY small percentage of guys are into anorexia, and really, only fat people call healthy, athletic people sticks. At any rate, there is a fetish for every kind of body.)
Most importantly, I don't read their blogs; and their bodies will decay beyond recognition while your words live on.

That said, I'm 100% certain you are more attractive than you think you are.
Or, if those who claim that beauty comes from inside are correct, (and I hope they are) then NONE of us can possibly be more attractive than we think we are.

William Wren said...

very precise writing