Wednesday, January 13, 2010

dream, sleep erratic, cup a soup, and dogcouch

last night was pretty smooth going. fight club, actually getting picked up, advice on the highway, getting in late. the damn dog was on the couch again, i make a mental note to wash the covers, hes still up, he seems distant, i try not to think about it.

sleep came pretty easy.


its halloween. and im in a wheel chair. am i paralyzed? i can hardly tell im not moving much and if i am i cant feel it. we're by a huge indoor swimming pool with slides all around it. there are people everywhere, some are like me, in chairs, some stand. its a camp of some kind, for people with fear. i think. i wheel to the edge of the pool and look up. the slides around the edges are massive, so tall. and multi layered. people are sliding off of them at alarming speeds nearly meeting in air before crashing into the water. its almost beautiful. i hear crying to my right and see a man in a chair holding his face. i go to him and tell him its ok, ill go with you, well go to the top, well fly. so he follows me to the ladder and we have to pull ourselves up with only our arms. we finally get to the top and clamber onto the slide, i tell him im right here. were so high up, im a little dizzy. i see him go he tries to stop at the end he must be terrified but he falls over the edge less than gracefully and hes gone. i know i cant go back on a promise so i push off. towards the end i get scared and try to stop myself too. i lean over and look down, sweet jesus its far, no no no, but now i feel the whole slide tipping with me on it, and we fall. i get the flutter in the stomach and the water is coming and then black.
[i dont quite wake up]
now im in a school. again, full of people. in costume, they mill everywhere. i walk around looking at everyone. the costumes are great, the eggs from yoshis island, crazy monsters, ninjas, darwin. im getting a little panicked so i duck through a door to my left to get some peace and find myself tumbling off a 2 story ledge into a soft mound of cut grass outside. i shake myself off and stand up to look around. im at the side of the school, its massive [why is everything so BIG in this dream], at least 5 stories. im in a little side field that is full of bones. yep. bones. skeletons whole and in pieces lay all around me. crap i gotta get back inside so i start to make my way over the soft ground. i hear shifting behind me and look back. a skeleton is trying to stand. shit! im done. i start to run. i finally find a door back into the building and i run head first into dawnelle. shes trailing a group of boys behind her. shes says we have to get to the top. the library. well be safe there. animals and children live there. im confused. she drags me into a stairwell and we try to make our way up through the flow of people trying to get down. i tell everyone i can that the skeletons are coming to life. they laugh and say its halloween of course they are. finally we get to the top floor and manage to get through the door. the whole floor is open. no walls only bookshelves that only come up about 3 feet. there is a soft orange glow in the room, like sunset. animals of all kinds run through the aisles, and i see children playing games and reading in their costumes all about. dawnelle says look what i brought and i look at her in time to see her disappear through the door, grabbed and dragged out by hands grasping every part of her. i turn back to the room and now theres nothing. books lay open, fur clings to walls. and im alone.

i wake up.

and its fucking 3 o'clock in the afternoon.


i start work again tomorrow. gotta get out of this sleeping death state.

time to wash the dog. he smells terrible. maybe i can also hunt down a cigarette.

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