Sunday, May 22, 2011


i am starving. thinking in my head, as my refrigerator dies in the kitchen, what am i going to do?

i want:

something sweet, oh something strong... never mind. the food we buy normally is... boring. i've been eating nothing but rice and protein. watching the food network. going crazy with envy.

my stomach is crying i think. i keep trying to look for new art online, but keep ending up on foodie sites. damnit.

if i was rich i would waste days out with people, at lunch, dinner, whenever, oh you've never tried that get it, get three, what do you think, open your mouth and eat THIS.

it would be fulfilling and slightly frustrating when i start to get bigger. more running maybe.

whatever. i am off in search of something now. to put. into my face.

shut up, stomach.

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