Friday, March 30, 2007

black tipped nails, 2 bottles, and the money happiness equation

itll be short.

today. what is there to say about today besides the fact that im sleep deprived?
well im out early for one. maybe the night wont have to be so draining with the prospect of an evening before hand. i worked my ass off these past few weeks. nothing but work. getting out and mindlessly remembering every call. getting out and into the arms of midnight. oy.
today was lovely though. made it somehow worth it.
-coffee pot
-good cigarettes not made by hopi indians.
-clothes from target
-friends at work with their excitement/defensive words/generosity.
-rent paid
-art supplies
-money to spare

whoever said that money has no value and that it makes man empty and cold, well sweethearts, im happy as shit right now. that may sound completely horrible and vain, but im fucking sorry if im tired of trying to act humble at every outing and having thank and thank and thank for everything charity-like i have to endure throughout the last grueling week of being broke. the whole thing gets to me in a way. how weird people get over money. im sure it has to do with the big poverty is rampant thing or something but fuck. its just nice to say here you go have this or hey i need this ill get it or to have some new colors to wear or to have new nails to click impatiently. its just nice. i feel accomplished.
so yay me.

that last paragraph was horrible of me to write as the "self proclaimed down to earth whatever" but fuck it. its my fucking blog. ill do as i please here.

i need to see 300 again. soon.
i need to see about a car soon.
i need to dance to the strokes soon. prefferably at a painful volume and with no audience but my reflection.

ive had some very good compnay this past week or so. hopefully i wont be the end of them with the insomnia and bipolar thinking.

'gravity plays favorites i know it cause i saw... honest to god officer its awful.....
down at work im getting to familiar with the in my talents by the mouthful......'

the last blog was a little rough for some people. im sorry for the worry of the semantics, but i found it very entertaining. the goings on of certain people have been irking me and i found it necessary to mind vomit about it. i may have gotten a few lashings but they were worth the sarcasm i was playing at and the anger it caused in return. heh.

this is really all ive got for now. later though, once drunk. i may return to the lowly myspace blog scene.

maybe with something interesting yea?

we'll see.

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