Sunday, April 1, 2007


the mood im in is better left undefined. must be "thinking too much". hah.
so lets get on with the blog.
some thoughts:

-innuendos. theres nothing worse than not knowing what you have. when your constantly on watch only because nothing is concrete or tangible, only implied.
-friends. its better to have these types of humans around in this girls opinion. the conversation becomes less inane, the insecurities fall away. finding a friend and naming them lover is too easy, not enough work to mean much and usually ends with burning posessions and coppery tastes. so when you meet the person with a wit like fire and the ability to captivate you with terra passes and stephen colbert you usually dont want to chance it. you want to keep them around. leave the doomed fate of love to someone with skinny pants and too many one liners. yea?
-liqour. too many nights have been killed with the addition of it, but last night i was in a state of realization and tho i didnt sleep a fucking wink till 10 am, i got alot of thinking done. thank you captian morgan. thank you. hah. the hangover was nothing compared.
-dreams. of dark reaching hair in tendrils around his back. of him trying to hide her. me walking over, in slow motion. her on the bed jumping like a child. laughing the deeply empty laugh of possesion and lust, her body in shadow, her lips in red.
-food. sometimes the atm machine will say to you, "you know, i dont think you should have tacos tonight."
-me. interested in things to come. if only for the sake that things are now more interesting.

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