Tuesday, April 17, 2007

the criminal mindset, 19 in que, and me the bitch

aaah my first real work day in weeks it feels like. im fucking bushed people. the calls were rolling in, nothing interesting, nothing new, smoking or nonsmoking sir?, are you bringing shildren ma'am? and then keith merritt came into our world. this fucking guy. oy. amusement and a little sadness stirs into my feelings for this man. he calls each of us, i swear, telling us sob stories and wondering how could they NOT put me through? im a 7 stars member, service me whore of the reservations and get me my damn room! its a game of slap and tickle to this man, who doesnt spend nearly enough for us to take him seriously [and yes, we are those people, the money money if you dont got it you dont have a place to stay people]. finally i take pity and call a casino hostess. her tired voice is full of ive been taking bullshit all day tones and i cant tell her blond hair is pulled back away from her eyes and her mouth is still smelling of the bourbon in her desk. she picks up and says "let me guess. its keith isnt it, i fucking knew it. hes trouble i tell you. trouble. put him through". i do, and moments later the boy in front of me is saying "well mister merritt im sorry for the inconvenience we'll see what we can do for you, what? dont transfer you? ok, ill get you all set up......what the fuck is up with these people? i know work talk is boring, but funny to note, and fun for me to type about. hey, its the only fucking thing i had today, this man, and me trying to imagine him in his seedy apartment planning to come and rape our premises with his wiles and brunt speeches about being "one of the main points of financial aidings". sigh. ill stop now.

its been 5 years strong. thats much too long for me. [if you dont have a stephanie de-coder just stop thinking on it]

vonnegut died. i just really found out today. warren ellis' blog and the daily show clips. im a little down about this. our amazing minds are slowly drifting succumbing to the to new ones still alive and copying the ones lost. this mixed with the blaring cnn reports about the 33 dead kids in VA have me worried about the impending doom of our world. im sorry you guys, that your dead. im sorry that fucking asshole chained the doors closed. but have no fear, thousands of kids will always remember you as the reason for one of the my chemical romance songs at the concert tonight, apparently they sang it for you. sigh. [sometimes i should just shut the fuck up.] but in all seriousness i hope that asian fucktard is pleased in whatever hell he had waiting for him when he blew himself away. sigh. this day was full of death. watching the people in that city with the cold nothing in their eyes and the "i cant believe it... not here... not in this town" cuts makes me a little sick. and he probably thought he was doing everyone a favor. [the bitter laughter comes to me here]

oh and i give damn good fucking advice.

just wanted to make that known.

there is so much more i have to say. but id rather make duane take me to get cigarettes.

i need the yellow fingertips and the light head to get to sleep.

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