Tuesday, April 17, 2007


i dreamt of a cloudy day and 53 cent t-shirts. grabbing for the smalls and wondering why they were in plastic bags like comics. a marriage, my sister getting married and me taking as long as ai can to get ready before actually getting ready. i cant find my shirt now where is it, the green one, im digging through clothes in my dream, tearing up because shes outside pushing me to hurry, and sounding very upset. but now im just giving up. finally i come out in some weird black shirt with a jean skirt tied tight and they start to put makeup on my legs, the mother, this cant be my mother tells me that its not enough and they slather it on, even colors for eyes and lips. im telling them no thats fine, and now the smell is making me sick, and im trying to wipe it off my fingers, their just rubbing and rubbing and then im somewhere else. somewhere sprawling and filled with patches of high grass. im in the air looking down into the grass. seeing the dead bodies hiding and winking at me, no worries they mouth to me, this is a good death. im in a road now, suddenly and i have to jump aside to get out of the way. they front of the car has a decapitated child on it, the car drives past and a cop drives by. the murder car stops and the man goes into a restaurant, i follow. she walks in and talks to another man, the restaurant is beautiful in old southern style, where there is a massive porch and a foyer and such, and its almost deserted spare us and a few bored whorish waitresses. the killer talks to the older man, his father and they steal away deeper into the house, i try to follow but the doors close, the cops are coming now, theyve seen the child, somewhere i hear doors opening and closing in haste, theyve gotten away. the cop sits down and say bring me some food, im going to fuck around, this really isnt too important, she was not much of a looker anyway.
i wake up. to 3 separate alarms.
god im tired.

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