Thursday, April 26, 2007


i dreamt.

here it is fuckers.

Opens. a convenience store. its dark out, it cant be more than 6 in the morning. we walk up to the store and up to a woman sitting in her car directly in front of it. we tap the glass and she gets out, obedient. her hair is blazing red even in the murky lighting of a shitty morning. she runs to the door with key jangling and opens it for us. We walk in. our friend behind the counter greets us with opens arms and a shaky head, he's nervous. we cant figure out why. i take a few packages of bobby pins off the shelf and put them in my purse. theres no one here and the security cameras don't work. we walk over to the counters and pull out knives from somewhere. he's getting scared now. Breathing heavy we cut away the skin from his left hand. he doesn't scream or move after. he just stands still and looks out the windows. we walk to the back room. now im alone, and in another area of REM i suppose. its familiar and i wonder if its the west side of san anotnio. its different of course, dream-a-fied if you will. im with my dad and brother now, but the dream characters are in no way representational of the actual people they are meant to be. i just know its them. we're at my great uncle bills house now [please note, he lives in washington state, oh and he died.] as we walk up to the house i see the sad state of it, its a dirty brown and the front door is leaning on the frame instead of attached. as i walk around the side of the house i see a dog on its side, it must be bear i think, i miss him. i call out for the dog and it wakes up ears perked, then lunges at me snarling and biting a white hot flash in the early morning. i scream and get my ass inside. my uncle is there. hes sitting with worried eyes. he tells us cathy has been running away and treating herself at this clinic. my head is spinning, why cant my own dreams get my relatives right? fuck it. so now we're in a shitty car driving to some clinic, when we get there we're quickly ushered into a room with no windows [seems to be a theme in my dreams] and a center table with nothing else. the doctors tells us that shes gets into the machinery and shes like a bug and what can they do, do we want to watch the process? i nod. what is this? when the table lights up i stop wondering. a glass jar comes up from the center of it, i couldnt even tell you from where. its small and i can see something moving inside, i get closer and see my cousin cathy in it, shes tiny and moving crouched around its walls. in the middle are these smooth metal objects shaped like teardrops and when she walks was them she stops to touch them and jolts like shes being shocked. i ask whats going on. the doctor tells me "skin problems are a huge thing with kids nowadays. they hate them and it affects security. this machine takes it all away by focusing on the bad skin and taking it off." i look back into the jar. she has her back to me now and i can see her back is burned and scarred. then i see little lights landing on her skin and as she cringes in pain they eat away all the horrible twists and raisings. shes got a clear back now, and she falls to the floor spent. I look away. Now we're back at the house and shes resting in the back. We're standing over a table full of food, but it looks wrong, like its plastic and I cant bring myself to touch it. I go outside and my uncle beckons me over, he tells me to go across the street and visit his other dog. He walks me over and I look down on a tiny terrier lying on one side. I reach for her and when I pick her up her head lolls. Im wonder if shes dead until I see her eyes blinking. Then I realize whats wrong. Her head is the only part of her alive. The rest of her body is made of cloth and stuffed. I can see the little legs they sewed on for her were too many and some of them are too short, I touch them. she cries a little. I cant do this, I put her down in time to look up into bears face as he attacks.

Break for a water run.

Re-opens. Im in a room covered in silk and people are all over. It gets fuzzy here. im losing the dream. Fuck.

All I know is that we're trying to save a princess. How quaint.

Int the end im on a beach in a bikini and i fall in love.

Worst dream ending ever.

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