Friday, April 13, 2007

not in the mood to be sober

im fucking exhausted after these past few days.

i gotta say, god, im not amused, not at all mister. youve been fucking with me eh? i think its time you let this little lady rest a bit before the next few rounds of nonsensical torture and curvy happenings. just sayin. fuck. and no i dont want to talk about the mentioned happenings. [i know, me, not wanting to just GUSH with the cryptic details, what has the world come to?] most of it is silly anyway and the the one thing that was tearing at me has been resolved. so yessir, ill just be fine with my fading bitter residue and memories. aaaaah. these days of semi-youth and utter confusion. how we love you so. today was payday, so i guess thats good. two people may be in the same room tonight that i have wanted to be for a while now. this is terrifying/exciting. i just dont want to leave tonight in angry stephs going to kill everything mode. thats all. hope for the best my cult following hope for the fucking best. and read the aforementioned plea for a lessening in stress. [that means you god] ugh im probably pissing a few christians off so ill lay off the blasphemy. i guess. no, fuck that. if your offended please leave the blog premises. im not in the mood to play mum. not after sleepless nights and nothing but bullshit from your beloved society as of late. moving on, smoothly and without twitches. i dont know folks. im just fucking tired. so tonight its me and jack. i have to drink away the sight of all those FUCKING lol's, the word cunt, and the embarassment of retarded affection. none of this its not healthy bullshit. my body tells me shes up for it and we've locked our common sense in the closet for the remainder of the evening. it was a group effort. rather beautiful really. sweet in many ways. ay.

heres to the prospect of a good night.

and heres to me getting through the sea of assholes im drowning in.

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