Saturday, April 14, 2007

im seeing the foolishness of the last title.....sigh

remember in the last blog how me and my mind roughed up my common sense?

well that was a bad idea apparently. i was the definition of "too drunk [or crunk if you prefer]" last night. fuck. it ended with me hugging the toilet and telling it about everything i ate that day. in vivid detail. after getting lost in the airport somehow duane finally found me there, and took care of me, but it was not pretty. just not pretty. at least the first part of the night was ok. the boys were in the same room, and actually talking. it was more than i could have expected. i was thinking cold shoulders and sudden disappearance. but everyone behaved and interpol was blasting and it was a thoroughly good time. poor abes apt, its been spilled on and beaten lately. oy, im still kind of drunk. and at work. fucking hell.

a short one.

i have to go back now.


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