Thursday, May 10, 2007

another late night, farting at starbucks, and the sometimes

this was supposed to be long.
but im tired and probably will be very busy tomorrow.
a list.
by me.
a list.


-you never appreciate a situation until the ones you love look you in the eyes and tell you its not the kind to be in.
-you forget how simple and human you are.
-farts are fucking HILARIOUS. [but only at 4:30 in the morning]
-you forget the medication. and its constant shoulder tapping.
-you can dance around any topic.
-hugs are priceless. [cause sometimes they can be empty you see]
-too much coffee CAN be a bad thing.
-the same but with cigarettes.
-i just want to get away. mostly to hear myself for a few minutes. to stop the buzzing and whatnot.
-the things you have to say arent what people want to hear. and you know this. and it hurts.
-you say them anyway.
-list are fun fun fun.
-i just get fucking exhausted.
-i see VW bugs and shudder.
-i dream of bunkbeds.
-even when your doing nothing. its everything.

my stomach may hurt.
my mind may be bruised and yelling at me for sleep.
my typing may be bad.

but for fucks sake.

im kinda happy right now.


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