Thursday, May 31, 2007


a weird one.

im living in the house on hackeberry. im in high school. i go to edison. hmm. one morning i get up late, everyone in the house is gone. i throw on my clothes, grab my stuff and run out. i go across the street through my grandparents [who live in that house by the way] driveway and through their backyard. the two part yard is gone, now its only alot of grass and tiny trees. i barely notice my granmdother standing out on the porch back there but as i pass i yell to her and hear her say "who is that i dont recognize your voice are you leaving?" i run on into the alley behind their yard and towards my school. i start to pass a bunch of tiny houses and i relaize that stephen lives there and as i pass his house i see him coming out to lock his door. i stop and call to him. he sees me and asks me where im off to. i tell him and notice hes wearing a brackenridge polo. weird. we hang out a bit with the brack kids and i leave. i somehow manage to get quite lost. im on a secluded road that runs parallel to a river. im on the riverside. i see bubbles coming to the surface, slowly at first them churning. a huuuuge alligator rises to the top and floats there. im terrified. i pull out my cell phone and call for help, telling the police what im seeing. they tell me to book. i do. i follow the road. [it now has streams of water running down it] im getting confused, this road is leading down, how can that be? what the hell, theres a wall in front of me made of dirt, how... i see a little entrance way in the dirt, i go in. the walls are soft and brown all i can smell is earth. i dont know how to get out i need to get out. then i spot a little window smudged and covered in condensation. i look in and see a tiny room with a man sitting at a desk, typing and smoking a cigarette. i push the window open and ask him how to get out. he points and says UP. i look up and see a tiny spot of light. reaching into the dirt wall i find a ladder embedded there. i climb. the dirt is in my eyes and in my mouth, im drowning. god help me. then im out. and i wake up.

everyone is in a bad mood today. i dont know if its this house or if its anything to be worried about.

i just know that ifeel like shit.


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