Saturday, May 19, 2007


i am so fucking exhausted.
today was verrry nice.

-cicis with tom. us and our constant fighting and the weird bond that tells us its nothing personal.
-saw alex, claimed my print, and learned about cooking with mama and a weird box puzzle game for the DS.
-walked the dog and got in some abe deuce and steph time.

even the evening was magnificent.

-a weird hour and a half when jon took me and abe to the gym with him and all we did was read hunter thompson and stephen king while he worked out. me and abe even took a smoke break, laughing the whole time and feeling like douche bags.
-the 3 beers from brenda = me drunk at starbucks as jon opens them one by one for me and abe steals sips. hmm. 3 beers. my poor tolerance.
-the bird noises and the bird dance.
-3 cheers for the interweb
-me finally seeing the new and spectacular changes coming.
-hello 5:20 am.

i get to entertain my grandpa today. hes coming in from florida and hanging with his weird granddaughter. i cant wait to see him.

im going to bed almost in tears.

this is what happy is.

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