Saturday, May 19, 2007

my city, floridian grandpa, and my buzzed mother

a list.

about today.
-it was cool and calm out
-the tourists were laughing, and the margaritas were draining and somehow it was overwhelming- the pride i had suddenly for my town.
-i hadnt had a cigarette all day, and could only think of everything else.
-i laughed at my moms bright pink razr. and she took my picture with it.

today i saw my grandpa. he came from florida, in sa for a meeting, italian, a conservative republican, and i love the shit out of him. me, him and my parents roamed the river this evening, ate mexican food, gave our waitress a hard time and saw the most beautiful view of my often taken for granted city. it was a lovely night. spurs fever was everywhere and i had to explain the whole deal to my grandfather, which was funny, seeing how he knows nothing about basketball, like me. my mom got drunk, well kind of, she had one margarita and was instantly smiling and flushed. shes too cute sometimes. it was overall just a nice night out with mi familia.
its kind of funny, how me and my parents are around each other. when we finally left the grand at his hotel room we were in the elevator bashing the hotel in our snobbiest "yes we're from here, are you?" tones. i love them. their so fucking weird.
it was nice. and now friends are en route. the liquor is chilling. and we're ready.

fun fun fun.

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