Thursday, May 17, 2007


there are things i want to tell people.
certain things.
that may muck things up.
things that may sever bonds.
that may make people blush
that may make people take me less seriously
or more seriously, depending on the person.

i dont know. ive been in this life changing phase. [this state of realization] and ive been seeing people for the first time. noticing that i miss things that were. ive made some bad choices before. ive lied. and misled. ouch. and am i fooling myself when i play the ive got it all figured out big head complex? do i really have the answers to questions and confession that have never left my lips? maybe i am being fooled.

i just want to tell you.

i deserve people like that. i need people like that. but part of me is holding up the yellow sign marked danger and im a gullible one.

i could make someone really happy.

if i wasnt such a coward.

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