Sunday, June 3, 2007

define this!

i cant seem to do it.

writing. hrm.

went out tonight. to the new home of miss dawnelle. got to see terry [who i love as my own mother] and sarah [who i fear as my own sister]. we also met baby frank for the first time. hes a sweetie, a true lady killer with his slow smile and boob grabbing. we tried to play monopoly while watching "scarred" but with every fracture and sinew sighting we lost interest.
it just felt good to be out of a house so full of shit, sex sounds, lingering pot smoke and bad old school techno. not to mention the douche couple responsible.
[could he not sense his own douche-baggery? - abe]
we went swimming with jon after. it was such a lovely sky tonight you guys. the purples and grey intertwined. the stars hanging by their invisible threads. beautiful.

i leave tomorrow morning. after that i may not be here much.
ill miss it.
but i promise to make tomorrow nights blog a good one.
dont miss it.
hello 5:40.

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