Sunday, June 3, 2007

well then.

i had a barrage of thoughts hit me all at once tonight at the bucks. [star that is]

i feel

-like im the lurking shadow behind every curtain of every person in every scene of every play in this so called life. im not one for being involved. im more on to stand back and let it unfold in front of me. all the times ive tried to be productive, ive missed my lines, and stumbled on the stage.
-like a passing thought.
-like a girl lost. without her feet under her, with her head cocked to hard and her hands twitching.
-very very very tired.
-like every person i see is splitting into sections, making it easier to sort the shit but harder to assess overall.
-like a seat filler to the boys ive loved recently.
-like late nights are better with swimming pools.
-like the boys at starbucks were laughing at me. bastards.
-[i felt] like walking up to the other one and kissing him deeply then walking away.
-like having a smoke.
-like im done here.

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