Wednesday, August 1, 2007

me and her

over the last few days ive had the insane urge to grab paper and a pen and write people letters. every one. ive wanted to tell people just what i thought at just that moment and most times i just sighed and kept cleaning the kitchen or smoking my cigarette. yep. i just cant do the primitive writing. the paper and the ink, the scratching noises and the smudges. its unhealthy. when im banging keys and able to sing or eat and type faster than i would if i was turning pages and sharpening pencils im on board. its all this. then my only obstacle is: where do i go once im here. thats my problem. i get here. and nothing. its all done. all my little thoughts and funny what ifs, there all gone. my short little memory fails me every time. and if it doesnt it keeps it from me until im just far enough from the computer. cruel brain. damn you.

my mom is funny. she keeps getting on me about babies.

its a little creepy.


theres me again trailing off and having so much more to write. bah.


in addition:

our house that we recently moved into has been having alot of problems. but now we're on track.

i hope we can make it here. i really dont want to move anymore.....

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