Sunday, September 23, 2007

this state again. great.

i used to be able to sit here and type. edit and post. get up and lay down.
i used to be able to settle for blog communication. you know. let people read. look for comments. respond when necessary. but right now, by god all i want is to hear someones voice. i want my friends to stop reading and start asking. but it seems that all the ins and outs i go through as a complicated stephanie have dejected them. i know i have my phases of leave me alone. it happens often actually. and when i come to my senses and start sending the messages and calling the numbers i get the result. nothing. its too bad. sometimes i really try.

im so terribly sorry.

i would ask you not to give up dear friends. but who knows. i may be yelling the complete opposite in the next second.

cruelty comes to easy to me.

[whats happened]

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