Saturday, June 28, 2008


In no particular order.

i love paint. simple, pixel saturated paint.

I saw Wall-e today. It was so good. For all of you who come here for the way I say fuck and the anger you may want to back away from the coming rush of cute. I cried at the beginning, the middle and the end. The kids around me thought I was crazy. And a little gay. Oh well. The movie itself was actually very adult themed. It was downright scary in its first half hour and a little sad for those of us who could see past the pretty animation and the cute little robot. The empty world, the trash, the billboards and the way he would keep little things for himself instead of crushing and stacking them as was his directive. Then there were the people. The way we were portrayed. I don’t care if I spoil it for you or not. You can stop reading. but we were fleshy and boneless and useless and it seemed to fit the direction we are heading in as far as the human race and its need to be hands free, thought free, and engorged on instant gratification. No I’m not looking to far into this movie. You should have seen it. I couldn’t tear my eyes away. Yes it was pretty and the love story made me want to just shit puppies and rainbows, but there was an ominous cloud of this might be coming floating just above the pixar goodness. I dunno. Go see it. It’s a must. You’ll love it.

I’ve been sick for the last 24 hours. Chills and headaches and sick stomach and all kinds of badness. Urg.

some quick notes:
Way to go Obama, writing checks and being stupid. I had faith in you. Jerk.
Way to go Supreme Court. No more death penalty for baby rapers? Good job.
Way to go price of oil. What is it now? 140 a barrel? Fuck. Everybody on the slide.
I’m not going into the rest of those thoughts. It’s too exhausting.
finish them for me.

I really feel to sick.
More blogs later. If I’m not dead.

Pray for your narcissism.


Anonymous said...

wall-e was the most humbling movie experience i had in a long time. with such a profound statement with the exodus of the planet, landfills in times square, overly obese humans in zero gravity.

and his little lunchbox.

i know you probably cried killer, but thats okay.

i did too.

Alejandro Baez said...

i heard the same about wall-e, i will go see it rather than wait for the video as I usually do.

the supreme court, i looked into that decision and really other than a bunch of clowns dress in toga robes, there is nothing worth anything in those brains. they should cut the testicles of those rapers, let them starve for 2 weeks and then serve them their own balls with some salad and vinegar.

hope u feel better

.när'sĭ-sĭz'əm. said...

thanks guys.

jon. i dont remember your phone number. what will i do without your asshole voice?

and what a hilarious comment a.b.
but never more genius.

The County said...

hey, that's a great interpretation you got there of yourself in paint. get your fucking phone fixed hoodlum.