Sunday, June 22, 2008

when i shake my head

tiny splintery pieces of glass inside of it make noises like the ocean.

ouch. [go away]

i just woke up.
i had a dream.
points to remember:

-dawnelle and her hair and her body and her clothes. us pulling fabric from the walls and her voice snippety and tight. she said i could have anything i wanted and i took too much.
-the assignments buried in glass tubes in the cool soft sand near the abandoned amusement area. i looked through the half fallen wall and saw the burned out shells of helicopters and and poles like fingers coming from the ground.
-answering the phone and hearing his voice, smooth and low and sweet telling me to put her on the phone put her on right fucking now.


on more serious a note:
my parents are in manila right now and the tail end of a typhoon just lashed over them. alot of people have already drowned. my dad sent me a txt saying everything was fine and of all things asking me if the cats were ok, but i cant help but worry. im an old lady that way. uuurg. why did they have to go to the Philippines.
i hope theyre ok.


Jon Bravo said...

stef......i found something.

horrible. a travesty.

make sure you check out the profile and see what her favorite movies are.

.när'sĭ-sĭz'əm. said...


i was on the floor laughing, yo!

"you know, the classics :P"

oh fuck. and we somehow co-exist with these strange retard beings on this here planet. its a total mind fuck.