Friday, January 1, 2016


The new year brings promise and opportunity. But beyond the obvious it brings a test.
Can you do these things?
The incredible ideas, can you bring them to life?
Decisions to make, choices, a whirlwind.
This point in this life, a thought process of us, and separately, me.

Let's do some throwback, funny enough.

A list:

-I am in love, through and through, he's the completion, the other. His smile is a slow drug. I can't let him down.
-I am off, but strong. The door is barricaded again, the beast locked in. Avoid this door.
-I have an idea of a perfect life, my fingertips are brushing the blueprints, I can taste the ocean, I cannot give up.
-It's going to be ok. Even if it all burns down.

Short and strange.

I can only hope for the best. Hope that I mean to others what they mean to me. Hope for happiness.

Fingers crossed.

Hey, 2016.

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