Sunday, January 3, 2016

A courtyard

The sun shifted faster than expected today. 
These hours disappear into nothing again and again
To spend your time waiting, talking to yourself under breaths
It blurs together and drains everything else
I'm standing in a courtyard, under the windows of my friends
Finding smooth small rocks to toss above, clicking
Tinkling, sometimes bringing them to a sill
But never down to the shady grass, never here to me
So I sit, trying not to think too deeply, picking at weeds
Perhaps instead I could tend to this garden
This small circular clearing, attempting to grow wild by itself
I could push back the leaves of the lilac trees and let the seedlings beneath turn their faces to the sun
Finally able to push higher than the sharp blades surrounding
Purple flowers, fragrant and light, falling like rain
This place isn't so bad like this, quiet
I guess I won’t need the larger, jagged rocks
Broken glass gets attention but hardly achieves 
Besides, I need to be aware of my surroundings
The smell of this earth and the breezy chill are magical
And the powder blue above my head hypnotic
Emptying my pockets, I rest my eyes instead, these last seconds of a day.

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