Monday, January 4, 2016

Hopes and Dreams

My hopes and dreams lounge around me
Laid out with legs entwined we replay favorite songs on a loop
The ones that swell with brass and fruit flavored voices of women
Boys on pianos, cymbals, lyrics that make our faces flush and bodies move, ever so subtly
Hopes idly twirls the string from my hoodie
Her voice is bright like striking silver coins, eyes warm honey
Forever in a rising sun
It’s hard to call what she makes as words, when her lips move it's like an idea realized
She's telling me about places far away, experience in progress
Multi layered feather soft sentences only I can understand
And it's comforting, encouraging, it's drive
She let's go of the string and reaches for a nearby piece of candy
Dreams is on her back with her feet moving open toe closed toe
Her eyes are shut, and I realize I've never really seen them
She has both hands outstretched and her fingers seem to plant in the hardwood where we lay
Her breaths are long and her glossed lips curl into a smile
Her voice is deep and it drips from her body, rivulets of crystal clear phrases
Creating condensation within my mind, clinging like rain to a window
She shifts to a position like a curled cat, stretching lithely before resting her head on my stomach
She glows softly, as if emitting a fog
A fog that smells like sandalwood and bonfires, like pure joy
She's saturation, flooding my brain with dancing images
That I can just make out, that almost come to focus
We tangle together, in tune, in time
And eventually drift away, lost at our own sea.

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