Monday, March 19, 2007

fake nails tapping, i start my day complaining

and i did them myself. hah!
waking up. i hate it. wont lie. i fucking hate it. i get in the warm fuzzy comfort of a good position or the thrill of a colorful dream and my alarm starts screaming for me to pay attention! real life beckons! oy. because oh its fantastic to drag up and into the bathroom to find that your hair wants to wrestle and the water is taking forever to heat up. lets hear it for mornings people. [more like early afternoons for me but oh well]
on sleeping, i could not sleep for shit last night. i stayed here. on teh myspace. lurking as some would say. ive never lurked. thought i would try it. wasnt so bad. did feel the need for a stiff drink and a shower afterwards but otherwise ok. the results werent as good as the experience itself though. i tried to find interesting people and came away from 35 pages of people with one old high school friend and maybe two other people who even piqued interest at all. maybe im being selective but if i see one more pit bull or girls ass i may just do away with the whole myspace thing again. just sayin.
my mind has been on my show lately. ive been drawing out alot of stuff out but now am caught wondering if i will be able to do this on my own. my designs are getting couture kinda interesting, and that means more details, less seams and tricky constructiuon. trouble is i dont anybody who sews spare my lovely mexicana tias who were born with the ability. they have such busy lives. and i cant see myself doing all those high necks and long sleeves alone. shaky ground ahead. and probably alot of nights to come with me at the machine, cursing my passion. but we all knew that was coming. stephanie plans to do something and its getting bumpy, pssh, normal stuff child. no worries. we shall see how this folds out.

now excuse me while i go and do that hair wrestling thing i mentioned earlier.

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