Saturday, March 17, 2007

nothing to read here


a nice list.
by me.

.i am.

-not good at abandoning my friends. ask the ones i have now. just dont ask the ones in the grey area. they may say im selfish, blind and lacking short term memory.
-not an asshole. despite what my mother says every time i see her. despite mixed views on people, i can be very patient.
-a fucking hard worker. to get where i plan to be. where im going to be. i have to be.
-deserving of only so much. and ok with this.
-sick. sick sick. fucking sick. sick of the human condition. sick of the anachronisms and alllll the fucking wayward thinking.
-pissed the fuck off while doing ballet type evasive maneuvers around eggshells and sensitive types. fuck you. deal with shit. ask henry rollins. hell tell you to buck the fuck up and get on the fix your shit boat.
-laughing at the last line. funy stuff. [and yes i am ego-much hardcore, if you were wondering] heh.
-almost ready to get rid of the myspace. [but my cult following would be crushed]
-missing the fucking ocean.
-suddenly wondering if i am a monster.
-worn out. carrying needle and thread everywhere. safety pins and super glue. never getting the chance to use them much. people like broken things it seems. this frustrates me beyond any type of repair item i have. lucky me.
-in need. i am.
-wondering how many times ive contradicted myself in the past, and how many people have blogged like this about me.
-finished here.

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