Friday, May 4, 2007


had a few dreams last night.

the first one.

its me and buffy. [yes sarah michelle was in my dream] we were at a beach, and from the way we were carrying ourselves we were about 18. she wanted to go in the water, but one of the older lifegaurds warned us not to. he said it may come down, just know that it may come down. i looked up into the sky and noted the dark steely grey of the clouds. she grabbed my hand and we went in anyway. when we first reached the water it wasnt cold at all, in fact i couldnt feel it. the sand was thick, like clay and we slid on it and struggled for footing. on top of that there wasnt really even a beach. you could walk out into the water, but only for about a few feet. it dropped off into a black abyss after that. we didnt care. we ventured out. there was a cliff to our right and she wanted to go around it. so we shimmied around the jagged rock, on that sliver of beach, trying to keep away from the deeper water. my feet were slipping constantly and i thought i would fall in, but she held my hand and we went together. finally there was a break in the rocks and it expanded into a small pond. we saw fish swimming by. small ones at first, then larger ones, and finally one with lashing tails and swords on their faces. she shouted swordfish! when suddenly one of them jumped out of the water and stabbed her through the hand. i started screaming and tried to get the massive fish off of her. after the fish had been removed from her hand it swam by me and cut me with one of its fins. it didnt hurt at all.

[i woke up here]

back to sleep now and buffy is still there. only now we're on an island somewhere in south america. shes all badass in her catsuit, and im more modest in camo pants and white tank, stylish. heh. riley is there. god i havent even watched buffy in like a few weeks. why are they... never mind. so we're on this island and people are getting sick. they start to get violent.
[ugh! its fading i cant fucking remember!!]
next thing i know we're locked up on the balconeys of two seperate towers. me and buffy in one, riley in another. their talking into these old looking cordless phones, fighting- both each other and the zombies that are attacking us. i remember killing a few of them, squishing their heads and throwing up a few times. i was terrified. and i remember telling buffy "you know hes still with georgia". she then hung up the phone and hugged me as the monsters fell in on us.

[i woke up here]

the third dream is gone except for the ending. which sucks hard core cock seeing how it was the best one.

the ending was me in a huge mansion. decked out in "modern victorian" decor. nice. i was wearing this froo froo ugly pink thing with too many ruffles. my hair was long and black and i had it constantly wrappped around my fingers. the room i was in was full of little girls. i heard purring at my feet and saw a small girl cat circling me. she was black with copper eyes and a white stripe down her back. i knelt and played with her, and she just purred away. suddenly there was commotion. a grand lady walks into the room, shes tall and skinny and wearing a thin gold lame dress, that hangs off her like curtains. she motions to the little girls and they all line up in front of me. she tells them. now we have to make cologne, using the glands of this animal. first we must kill it. i tell her no at the same time as one of the little girls. when i look at her i see my own face. years younger and filled with pain. the older woman pulls a scarlet string from her purse and lays it on the floor. the cat goes to it. im crying now, both of me. the cat eats the string and starts to spasm. it crawls mewling into a shoe that has appeared in the center of the circle of people. its contorting with pain and it looks into my eyes, pleading. im sobbing. the cat dies.

[ i wake up]

im pissed that my dreams arent what they used to be.

but what can you do?

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