Thursday, June 14, 2007


i got something of a rough awakening this morning. it made me bristle just a bit.
fuck it.
i dreamt of weird vampire like creatures and the downtown area. falling into the river and starring in a movies we were making.
i cant remember much of it anymore.
but it was very interesting.
ugh i keep biting my lip on the inside and it hurts.

well im off. we get to see the inside of the house today. im kind of excited.


no dominion said...

uh yeah....stef, i pegged it....those vampires, they were the chicks beating the sides of my truck tyring to get into all of 'your boys' pants. thanks for bringing the garlic and wooden stakes to stave them off. whew.

go spurs go.


ps. i'm so glad i made you a die-hard NBA/spurs fan. hugs.

Anonymous said...

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