Saturday, September 26, 2009


happy birthday to me. :)


s.k.namanny said...

I hope your birthday was wonderful.

radioisfree said...

sorry i missed your birthday (didn't know!!). when i turned 20 (almost 36 yrs ago), my sister thought she was doing me a favor by hosting a party for me - at my friend don's, step-father's house (incidentally, don had been legally adopted at 18 by the bailiff at his drug trial - was brought home and forced to sleep in the old man's bed - and i thought i was weird). anyway, there was don, his step-parents, some of their in-bred relatives and friends, my sister, and her ex-boyfriend's sister, barbara, a girl more cynical and jaded than i (i would like to have known her better, but my bad complexion made me shy and inward). we had spaghetti and beer and i think the old-timers played dominoes. i how could i leave when i was the guest of honor? it forced me to recall that my mom stopped giving me b'day parties when i was six because i kept walking out of them. guess i wasn't a people-person like damon wayans. that, of course, changed - we all change, my dear. hang on - it gets better, then worse, then better, etc. you may even learn to look back at the whole roommate experience through a more golden lens. it's funny, maybe even a bit tragic, that time has a way of softening the hardest of edges. happy birthday.

radioisfree said...

another note about don. during our tenure working on the furniture delivery truck, he knocked up this silly little mouse of a girl and they decided to leave baytown and go back to don's home in N.C. (a place he ran away FROM because of his abusive parents and dim prospects!). don had no money and caroline didn't either, so he approached me ("ol' moneybags") for a $500 loan (a lot of money in the summer of '75). without batting an eye i agreed and a secret plan was hatched for picking up caroline from her parents' house, then pulling into don's father's garage to load don's stuff. we set out for IAH and the terminal. i tearfully said goodbye to them both with promise of re-payment. on the drive home i searched out sad songs and recall major harris' "love won't let me wait" (i guess it's our song). back in baytown, the next day, don's SF called me and told me don was missing and that a neighbor saw me pull my orange toyota into his garage. where was don? he wanted to know. i would n't say and denied ever being at his house/garage. he drove out to the warehouse where i worked and demanded to know where don was. again, i was mum. don wrote from time to time and sent pictures of the blessed event, etc. in the interim i'd moved to odessa to attend school there and continued to receive the occasional post, reiterating the promise of re-payment. don, caroline, and baby donna moved back to baytown the next summer and don and i again worked together. he eventually paid me back, but there was no happy ending in all this - just details of bad choices and folks changing their minds - basically just people changing.